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Chaos Knitted Wire Word


If your family is anything like mine, its Chaos most of the time.
Toys everywhere, a washing machine that is never off, the constant hunt for replacement batteries for all those toys that never work, plus the pile of broken ones that Grandad needs to fix! Constant comings and goings to slot in the diary, two fully charged kids, SO MUCH NOISE and a business to juggle.....sound familiar?

The chaos handmade sign is made using aluminium wire which has been shaped by hand and fed through a knitted tube of coloured yarn. Made with 100% cotton yarns.

Use as a sign for your wall or lean on a shelf , its a reminder of your chaotic life! haha!

Sign size - approx 40cm x 15cm
Colours - Available in 12 colours (chaos photo is sampled in rose)

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