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Bubble knitted wire word



A period of enforced time at home to help our NHS cope and keep us all well. Our bubble. Our family. A time of challenge, stress, worry and monotony, but also a time of reflection, community and slowing down. 2020 will definitely be remembered as one of our most turbulent and for that reason we need to mark the occasion, the pandemic and the changes we have had to make to our lives. So in the words of The Sundays - It's that little souvenir of a terrible year.....

The bubble handmade sign is made using aluminium wire which has been shaped by hand and fed through a knitted tube of coloured yarn. Made with 100% cotton yarns.

Use as a sign for your wall or lean on a shelf , its a reminder of your own little bubble for years to come.

Sign size - approx 40cm x 30cm
Colours - Available in 12 colours (bubble photo is sampled in sweet lavender)

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