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Personalised Rocket Activity Calendar


Personalised with the name of your child so it is special to them, each day has a scratch and reveal sticker on, that when scratched off reveals an activity for your day. It will hopefully provide a little rest bite for parents who constantly have to think of activities over the school holidays to keep the kids entertained with the anticipation and element of surprise to what each days activity brings.

*Please note - each calendar will come with a seperate sheet for the adults which will list the things you need and instructions for some of the activities so you can plan ahead. Every activity listed uses only everyday childrens craft supplies and foraged things from nature, so there is no need to make special, unessential trips to shops.

Each calendar can be personalised with a name or a family name.
There are two designs available - either rockets or ice creams and both have been designed by me and are printed onto thick A3 card with a hang tie ribbon attached.

Suitable for young children from 3+ (please supervise with children who still explore learning through their mouth as some of the activities include some small and foraged pieces)


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